Makeup Monday: Week 5

Hello! For those of you who don't know, every week I pick a few products to where for a full week. At the end of the week, I write reviews to let you know how the products worked. This time, I picked products that I had never tried before. So, here's my thoughts on this … Continue reading Makeup Monday: Week 5


Hello again! After a crazy week full of plane rides, panic attacks, and binge-watching; I've put these products through some interesting tests. Instead of a long-winded introduction, let's just begin. E.L.F. Mad for Matte Palette in Summer Breeze: I've had this product for a while and I fully expected to fall in love all over … Continue reading MAKEUP MONDAY: Week 3

Products I DON’T Splurge On

Hello all! If you're like me, you gravitate towards blogs and reviews about splurge-worthy products. I want to know if those expensive products are really worth the price. Recently, I've been splurging more in preparation for my upcoming wedding. Once I'm married, I'm going to sit down and budget. Here is where I like to save … Continue reading Products I DON’T Splurge On

The Most Cold Time of The Year…

It's the most wonderful time of the year! ...If you don't mind the chapped lips, dry skin, and freezing temperatures. As someone who is not a winter person (picture Sally from the peanuts iconically screaming "I was not made for winter!"), I have gathered some supplies to help ease the drops in temperatures. Here's a … Continue reading The Most Cold Time of The Year…