Hello all, Instead of sporadic updates, I have a new and interesting idea to share with you all. Each week I will share with you a few products that I will be trying out in the coming week. I will use these products for all seven days. Each Monday, I will post my opinion of … Continue reading

Wedding Makeup: What I Wore on My Wedding Day

Hello again! On May 19th, I got married.  I didn't hire a makeup artist but decided to do my own makeup myself instead. I'm actually very glad that I did. The time I spent bonding with my bridesmaid while we did our makeup was invaluable. The products I used varied in price, but nothing was … Continue reading Wedding Makeup: What I Wore on My Wedding Day

Product Spotlight: Makeup​ Revolution Concealer

Hello again! You may remember that I have previously spoken about the brand Makeup Revolution with some hesitations. This has to do with blatant rip-offs of products. The Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Full Coverage Concealer is not a product I have any hesitations about. This product retails for $7 and comes with 0.11 oz of … Continue reading Product Spotlight: Makeup​ Revolution Concealer

Products I DON’T Splurge On

Hello all! If you're like me, you gravitate towards blogs and reviews about splurge-worthy products. I want to know if those expensive products are really worth the price. Recently, I've been splurging more in preparation for my upcoming wedding. Once I'm married, I'm going to sit down and budget. Here is where I like to save … Continue reading Products I DON’T Splurge On

All I Want For Christmas Is…

Hello again!           After a brief hiatus due to illness, I am back. Today, I would like to begin talking about one of my favorite holidays: Christmas. For those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, it is probably your least favorite time of the year. Everyone shoves reindeer and Santa Clause … Continue reading All I Want For Christmas Is…