Makeup Monday: Week 4

Hello again!

If you’ve stuck around this whole month – thank you! I’ve really loved putting these products to the test. Since I’ve started, I’ve been shopping my stash a lot and it turns out that I’ve ignored some really great products. However, I have an Ulta Beauty hall that’s set to arrive tomorrow so this coming week will be products that are entirely new to me. So, let’s get into this week’s reviews!

Tarteist Pro Amazonian Eyeshadow Palette: When I chose this palette, I already knew that I liked it but I wanted to explore its versatility. This palette is primarily matte eyeshadows and I am such a fan of the selection. I love a good matte eye look, so I was super happy with the sixteen matte shades that work so well together. There’s a great mix of cool, neutral, and warm undertones. There are also four glitter shadows that I use on occasion and those are great quality. Even the packaging is nice and I’ve covered it with grubby fingerprints. It has a great mirror and the palettes close really well. The shadows also smell like vanilla cake, so it’s so nice to open. My only complaint (which is very trivial) is that the palette is almost too blendable. Sometimes I think that the pigment blends away too quickly, but that does make is great for a beginner.  All in all, this product is worth the money and I will get so much use out of the palette. Keep an eye on the Tarte website for sales! They’ve been pretty great about offering discounts.
Price: $49.99 USD / Size: 20 shadows

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer: I know what you’re thinking, everyone loves this product. The review probably doesn’t even feel necessary so I’ll make this quick. This product smells like a tropical coconut paradise and looks natural and great on the skin, even as an eyeshadow. If you are looking to feel like a summer goddess than this is the bronzer for you. This is another brand with frequent sales, especially at drugstores. Don’t pay full price, it will go on sale.
Price: $14.99 USD / Size: 0.38 oz.

Milani Anti- Feathering Lip Liner: When I used this product, I really liked it. As someone who is TERRIBLE at applying lip liner, it’s nice that it’s translucent. Finally, I can wear lipstick without having uneven lips (Honestly, I think my lips might just be a little uneven.) or having the product bleed down to my chin. It does need frequent sharpening due to its gel-like texture. I sharpen this every two to three uses, but since it’s clear, you don’t have to worry as much about having a sharp point.
Price: $5.00 USD / Size: 0.04 oz

Next week:
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation
Ulta Twisted Volume Mascara
Essence Brighten Up! Banana Powder

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