Wedding Makeup: What I Wore on My Wedding Day

Hello again!

On May 19th, I got married.  I didn’t hire a makeup artist but decided to do my own makeup myself instead. I’m actually very glad that I did. The time I spent bonding with my bridesmaid while we did our makeup was invaluable. The products I used varied in price, but nothing was more than $49. So, let’s talk about them.

PRIMER: Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer: This is a pore-filling and blurring primer. While I used to only use redness correcting primers, I have pushed all of them aside for this. This smoothing primer doesn’t color correct, but it does blur everything out so that my makeup won’t sink into my pores and that allows better coverage. My rosacea makes part of my skin very textured and this primer corrects that. I now reach for this primer every day and I will definitely repurchase it when I run out.
Price: $39.00 / Size: 0.5 oz

CONCEALER: Ulta Full Coverage Liquid Concealer in “Light Cool”: I applied this concealer before my base underneath my eyes. Since I didn’t get much sleep the night before my wedding, the bags underneath my eyes were designer. This product helped correct that. While this isn’t targeted as a correcting concealer, it matches my pink undertones perfectly and that allows any brightening concealer put on top to really shine through. The pink undertone also cancels out the dark circles, so this product works as a two-in-one for me.
Price: $9.00 / Size: 0.08 oz
BONUS: Ulta frequently has great sales on their house brand (Buy three, get three) or great gift with purchase.

FOUNDATION: It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50 in Fair: This is my holy grail product. I’ve purchased it several times and I’ve tried more expensive foundations, but I always come back to this one. It blends into my skin flawlessly, especially with my Tarte primer. If you only try one product from this post, pick this one. It’s the best for a reason.
Price: $38.00 / Size: 1.08 oz

CONCEALER: Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Conclear in Fair: Here’s a well-loved product that I can sometimes be a little harsh on. I find it a bit too much for everyday wear, but for my wedding it was perfect. For the first time, I actually truly understood why people loved it so much. It lasted the entire day without creasing or wearing off. While I still won’t use it every day, I’ll definitely use it when it really counts.
Price: $27.00 / Size: 0.33 oz

CONTOUR: Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette Refill in Sombre: I purchased this full palette at Marshalls for an excellent discount. I often use the whole palette to do my eyes, but when it comes to contour, I really only can use the shade Sombre. It works perfectly with my skin tone and in incredibly blendable and forgiving if you are not a contour expert. I would recommend buying the individual shade that you can use, as opposed to the whole palette. Sombre is my go-to contour and I rarely use anything else.
Price: $14 / Size: 0.08 oz

SETTING POWDER: It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Anti-Aging Finishing Powder: Here’s a product that took me a long time to like it. It didn’t work with my favorite brushes, but when I finally tried it with a brush I initially thought was too fluffy to have any real use (E.L.F Complexion Brush), this powder locked everything in perfectly. It worked seamlessly into the skin. I am so happy to be wrong about a product.
Price: $29.00 / Size: 0.31 oz

HIGHLIGHT: Ofra Cosmetics Pillow Talk Highlighter Mini: For powder products, I generally prefer to buy the smaller size, since it takes me so long to get through them. This product requires so little to get a blinding highlight, that I may be wearing it at my funeral. If you’re looking for a gorgeous icy highlighter with a pink tint, this is for you. It’s made specifically for fair skin, but I think anyone could pull it off with the right look. It’s a wonderful formula so you can check out their other shades as well. I certainly will be.
Price: $16.00 / Size: 0.14 oz

EYESHADOW PALETTE: Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette: This is the most expensive item that I used, but an eyeshadow palette generally lasts longer than any other product. As someone who likes pink and peachy eyeshadows, this is my perfect color selection. No palette has been better suited for me. My look relied heavily on buffing “Just Peachy” into the crease, “Purre” into the outer corner, and “Georgia” all over the lid. With a little bit on my highlighter in the inner corner, I was good to go. For me, this product is worth the price because the color selection suits me so well and the formula is so well-crafted. High-end eyeshadow palettes have always seemed to have better formulas for me and I’ll be using this palette all summer.
Price: $49.00 / Size: 18 shadows

EYELINER: Tarte Maneater Self-Sharpening Liner in Black: It’s no secret that black eyeliners have never been of any interest to me. I’ve never thought they looked good on me until I tried this eyeliner. It included as a gift with purchase when I spent an obscene amount of money at Ulta Beauty sometime ago. I didn’t bother trying it until recently, because it was a black eyeliner. This is now the only eyeliner I use and it’s the only one I would consider spending my own money on.
Price: $20.00 / Size: 0.009 oz

SETTING SPRAY: Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray: This is the product that made me believe setting sprays actually made a difference. Sure, I had used setting sprays before, but I could never truly determine if they made a difference. This one proved to me that they did. While I had the mini (and demolished it), I would recommend getting the full size as it’s four times the product amount, but only twice the price of the smaller size.
Price: $32.00 / Size: 4.0 oz

LIPS: NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie Gloss in “Spirit”: I can’t justify higher end lip products when NYX makes the best lip products around. I can’t find anything better. While this isn’t as long lasting as a liquid lipstick (and what gloss is?), it is pigmented to stand on its own. No lip liner or lipstick needed. It also fades off without any noticeable or drastic lines.
Price: $7.49 / Size: 0.11 oz

MASCARA: NYX Professional Makeup Worth the Hype Mascara: I believe this is my favorite mascara of all time. It doesn’t smudge under my eyes and it makes my lashes look well defined without looking clumpy. If I ever were to try false lashes, I would look for falsies that look exactly the way this mascara makes my eyelashes look. The wand is the perfect shape to makes my outer lashes fly without turning my inner lashes into a disaster zone. Stop buying high eye mascara’s and look here.
Price: $7.99 / Size: 0.23 oz
BONUS: NYX is on sale (Buy one, get one free!) at Ulta or in drugstores so you can get the lip gloss and mascara for a great price!

Did you do your own makeup for your wedding? For special events? Comment down below!




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