Foundation Test: Too Faced Born This Way

Hello all!

I have been using my upcoming wedding as justification to buy more expensive products. Since I am doing my own makeup, I told myself that I needed to find the perfect foundation – and that I was willing to pay for it. My wedding is this coming Saturday, but I will be using my experience of testing foundations as  inspiration for a new series called “Foundation Test.” Today, I would like to talk about the widely loved Too Faced Born This Way Foundation.

Retailing for $39, this product has four stars on both Ulta and Sephora. When it came out, many members of the beauty community had labeled it their favorite foundation. Since I lust after Too Faced products, I convinced myself that I had to have this foundation. I loved Too Faced, so I thought it had to be my holy grail. This liquid foundation can be built up to full coverage. The bottle contains a full ounce and a little can go a long way for a more medium coverage look.

I’ve owned this product for nearly two months and I have worn is many times. I’ve applied it with both a brush and the beauty blender. What I found worked best was to apply the product with a brush and then blend it out with a beauty blender. When first applied, this product was beautiful. I feel in love with my first impression and then tried to bring it back after a few hours wear. This foundation began seeping into wrinkles quickly. After a few hours, it looked powdery (even without powder) and started to click to dry back and break apart. Once, it creased in smile lines that I didn’t even know I had.

Next, I tried adding a beauty oil. This toned down a bit of the coverage but gave the product a more natural finish. It increased the amount of time that I could wear the product before it really began to cling to dryness. I tried this product with hydrating primers, color correctors, and pore-filling primers. Still, it wasn’t giving me the longevity I would require for my wedding day.

Overall, this product can give you a beautiful few hours, but after hour three, it begins to cling to dryness. By hour five, it starts to break apart. I will probably use the product up. I don’t think it’s awful and I can see where it may work for other skin types. I’ve just tested out so many foundations that have worked better and cost less so I will not be repurchasing. There are longer lasting drugstore foundations out there, so I can’t recommend this product.

What do you think of this product? Are there any tips that might help me out? I would love to find a way to love this product as much as I had hoped. Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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