Product Spotlight: Makeup​ Revolution Concealer

Hello again!

You may remember that I have previously spoken about the brand Makeup Revolution with some hesitations. This has to do with blatant rip-offs of products. The Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Full Coverage Concealer is not a product I have any hesitations about.

This product retails for $7 and comes with 0.11 oz of product. Many people thought this concealer would be a dupe of the Tarte Shape Tape. The Shape Tape is 0.33 oz and retails for $28. It’s three times the product, but for four times the price. Both products use a large doe foot applicator and have a creamy consistency. Even the shiny lids have a similar purplish tint.  I have owned both concealers and have used up a whole container.  I have even attempted to tear the packaging apart to get more product. I have repurchased both of them.

Makeup Revolution’s product is actually very different. It’s more hydrating and doesn’t settle into any dryness underneath my eyes, which the Tarte Shape Tape does. The Shape Tape is a more full coverage formula and it dries down on its own much more than the Makeup Revolution product. Formula wise, I find these products to feel drastically different. On an average day, I reach for the Makeup Revolution concealer. It’s creamier and more natural looking and it layers very well. When I use the Tarte Shape Tape, it is the most full coverage product. It’s for glam looks. Part of me is starting to wonder if I love truly love it or if I simply want to love it. Overall, I do prefer the Makeup Revolution concealer. I prefer a more natural look that allows my freckles to shine through.

Have you tried both concealers? Let us know what you think below!

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