Products I DON’T Splurge On

Hello all!

If you’re like me, you gravitate towards blogs and reviews about splurge-worthy products. I want to know if those expensive products are really worth the price. Recently, I’ve been splurging more in preparation for my upcoming wedding. Once I’m married, I’m going to sit down and budget. Here is where I like to save money.

1) Mascara: You should replace your mascara every three to four months. Longevity of a product is important to me, especially concerning price. I have a drugstore staple that I really like (NYX Worth the Hype Mascara), so that’s a big factor as well. I also live pretty happily off free mascara samples. Mascara seems to be the most common “gift with purchase” of makeup brands, so I have tried a lot of higher end mascaras. I probably have about four in my collection right now. So, save your money here. If you shop smart, you can get some great mascara samples.
P.S. The NYX mascara is better than my higher end mascaras.

2) Lip Products: Every time you throw a lip gloss into your coat pocket or purse, you run a higher risk of losing it. At least, I do. There are so many good drugstore lip products (E.L.F., NYX, Milani…) that I can’t really bring myself to spend three times as much on a lip gloss that will sit in the bottom of my bag for two months. Maybe this is a personal flaw, but it saves me some money, so I’m not too upset.

3) One-time luxuries: This one comes from a personal flaw. I’m talking about bath bombs or sheet masks or really anything that is one-time use. I will sit an calculate how much money my bath is worth and obsess over getting my money’s worth. I will sit and think “A twelve dollar bath? That’s more than minimum wage! I need to get an hours worth!” This is why bath bombs make excellent gifts. No guilt.

4) Micellar water: This is one of my favorite skin care products, but it can also be expensive. I have tested out some expensive skincare (I once swore by an $80 moisturizer that last one month tops) and I find better micellar water at the drugstore.

Maybe your priorities are different and I understand that, but here are is where I chose to save my money. What’s your favorite way to save? What’s totally overpriced? Share in the comments below!

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