Products I Didn’t Always Like

Hello again!

First impressions can tell a lot about a person, but they don’t always tell a lot about makeup. Sometimes I’ll love a product when I first try it, but quickly realize that it isn’t as great as I thought once the “newness” wears off. Here, I’m going to talk about the opposite of that. Here are a few products that I didn’t initially like, but find myself reaching for more and more frequently.

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit: I am not a fan of glitter. You’re probably wondering why I even bought this palette. Truthfully, it’s because I’m a fan of a bargain. I got this at Marshalls for $24.99. As a highlighter by itself, I don’t like this product. To add pops of shine and color? It is stunning. This product makes colors that I didn’t think would look good on my look great. It makes the high points of my face pop and my inner corners shine. I used the color “Orion” to make a beautiful eye look and I never thought I could pull off blue. There is an impressing lack of fall out, which makes it an amazing glitter product.
    Price: $42.00 / $24.99 —- Size: 4.2 g / 0.15 each
  2. Milani Retouch + Erase Light Lifting Concealer: I hated this product because it was too yellow. Milani’s shade range has never been particularly impressive and this concealer was no different. So why do I keep reaching for it? I use this product before foundation to cancel out the dark circles under my eyes and the redness in my eyebrows. It’s a really good color correcter for me. When I run out, I’ll definitely pick up another. I use it every single day and notice a huge difference when I don’t. I’ve been doing this for months and still have not run out of the product.
    Price: $9.00 / Size: 0.24 0z
  3. Tarte Maneater Self- Sharping Eyeliner in Black: I never liked black eyeliner. I always thought it was too harsh against my skin or turned too blue as the day went on. This black eyeliner is slowly making its way into my everyday routine. It’s so easy to apply without smudging. I got this as a gift with purchase, but if I ever ran out – I would seriously consider buying it.
    Price: $20.00 / Size: 0.25 g
  4. Stila One Step Correct Primer: Since I swear by color correcting, this seemed like the perfect product. When I initially tested it out, I was also trying out a new foundation that I desperately wanted to like. For a while, I held that bad makeup day against this primer. Turns out, the foundation wasn’t right for my skin type and this primer makes my skin look natural and less red.
    Price: $36.00 / Size: 1 oz.


What products have you changed your mind about? Share below!

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