Pacifica: 11 Products Reviewed

Hello again!

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you may know that I am intrigued by the brand Pacifica. It’s one of those brands that I just can’t stop testing watching. That being said, not all of their products have worked for me. I found that this brand didn’t have much middle ground. I either really loved a product from the brand or I really hated it. So, here’s a list of what I tried, in no particular order.

Mineral Face Shade Coconut Probiotic SPF 30: I love sunscreen. I wear SPF on my face everyday day, no matter the weather. So a natural sunscreen that smelled like coconut? It seemed like it would be exactly what I needed. Oh boy, was it not.  First, the “coconut” scent smelled strongly of melted crayons. It was like someone melted a white crayon on the pavement and then managed to pour the result into a bottle. It was gooey and hard to blend, then it piled off my body. It felt and smelled horrendous.
Price: $13.00 / Size: 1.7 oz.

Quiona Super Gentle Facial Wash: This product lives in my bathroom. I reach for it when I’m in the shower. When I run out, off I’ll go to buy it again. Usually, I don’t use a typical face wash. I prefer micellar waters and cleansing balms. This face wash is the exception. My skin never feels dry after I use it, which cannot be said about any other face wash. It doesn’t irritate my rosacea. When I think of Pacifica, this is the product I think of – and that’s why I keep buying the brand.
Price: $10.00 / Size: 5 oz.

Mineral Color Lip Balm in Peach: This product has SPF 30 in it and a peach tint, which is what drew me to the product. However, it didn’t have much else going for it. It wasn’t balmy but drying. It also smelled like crayons. It was also quite a wide product, which made it hard to apply to my lips. While I don’t have particularly small lips, this product just felt too big for them. I needed a mirror to apply it, which must touch ups impossible.
Price: $5.00 / Size: 0.15 oz.

Dreamy Cover Bared Faced Serum Foundation SPF 20: I wore this for a while but found the product to be a bit too yellow for me. I did experience some piling when using certain primers. There are also only three shades and they all appear to have strange undertones, which didn’t feel very inclusive.
Price: $17.00 / Size: 1 oz.

Coconut Dissolve Cleaning Oil Rehab: Just when I was ready to give up on the brand, I discovered this product. When I wear a full face of makeup, this product is my first step in taking it off. Damn, does this product do that well. It breaks down even the most full coverage makeup and someone adds a bit of moisture to my skin. This product also smells amazing and reminds me that Pacifica can do great coconut products.
Price: $16.00 / Size: 6 oz

Coconut and Cherry Makeup Dissolving Milk: Yes, this product got my makeup off eventually, but it took a lot of work to get there. While it isn’t necessarily a bad product, it doesn’t hold a candle to the product above.
Price: $12.00 / Size: 5 oz.

Coconut/ Catus Water Micellar Water: This Ulta exclusive product, I have tried, repurchased, and loved for awhile. The Coconut is intended for more dry skin, while the Catus Water is intended for combination skin, but I love them both. I haven’t tried their Kale Micellar Water for oily skin, because I don’t feel I could give a good review. Both of these work wonderfully, though I definitely lean toward the coconut version. This isn’t my go-to micellar water based on the price per an ounce ratio (see the previous post), but it’s still a great option. Pacifica often has sales at Ulta, which is when I buy this product.
Price: $12.00 / Size: 8 oz.

Catus Water Makeup Removing Wipes: These are my favorite face wipes – though I will admit that I don’t use face wipes often. When I do, I use these. They never leave a film on my face, they get off my makeup without tugging, and they have a nice scent. This is my number one makeup wipe recommendation.
Price: $6.00 /  Size: 30 wipes

Eye Shadow Palettes: Pink Nudes Mineral Eyeshadows and Beachy Punk Mineral Eye Shadows: I lust after these products for months because I could never find them in stores. I wanted these to work so badly. I tried wetting my brush and different eyeshadow primers. There was very little color pay off and I couldn’t build up the color. The product wouldn’t blend well and always looked messy. It wasn’t long lasting, so at least I wouldn’t be messy the entire day. Every couple of weeks I try these products again. If anyone can make them work, please give me tips. I love the color selection, but I find them so hard to work with.
Price: $18.00 / Size: 10 Shadows or 0 .2 oz

Coconut Milk and Essential Oils Underarm Deodorant Wipes: This wasn’t as convenient as I thought they would be. Every time I pulled out a wipe, deodorant would get all over my hands. As a fairly sweaty (i.e. very sweaty) person, these didn’t last the entire day. While it’s a great idea, I don’t find it any more convenient then keep a stick of deodorant in my bag.
Price: $9.00 / Size: 30 wipes

Ice Baby Mineral HIghlighter: I read a lot of poor reviews on this product, but I ignored them because I wanted so badly to try this product. I’m really glad that I did. I don’t always reach for a blinding highlight, sometimes I want to brighten my high points without looking like I’m wearing highlighter. This is the type of product that pairs really well with a BB or CC cream. I dust it on the tops of my cheeks and down the bridge of my nose and instantly look more alive. I found it to be a little too light to set my under eyes with, but it’s the perfect beginner highlighter. While I don’t think it will work for all skin tones, for the fairest of the fair, this is a great product.
Price: $12.00 / Size: 0.25 oz


Eleven products that I’ve tested from Pacifica. Do any of these products work for you? Are there any I should try? Can anyone get those eye shadow palettes to work? Let me know in the comments below!

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