I Got A (Brand) Crush

Hey all!

Today, I want to do something a little different. I want to talk about crushes…specifically, brand crushes. A brand crush (a term I invented about 3 minutes ago) is a brand or line of products that particularly catch your eye. It doesn’t matter if the reviews are bad or if the product is expensive, you just want that product. Very badly. Often times, I experience my brand crushes from afar – I will watch several review videos, but hesitate in paying the money for the (usually) higher-end product. Essentially, if I can’t buy it at Target, it’s likely I won’t buy it for a while…if at all,

  1. Too Faced: I own essentially every mini Too Faced palette, including the mini chocolate chip palettes, the peanut butter, and the honey palette.  If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, this is nothing new to you. I love their packaging and their deliciously scented products. I recently bought the Sweet Peach Palette, which I hoped would cool my enthusiasm. First, this was the ideal palette for me in every aspect. I love pink and peachy shadows and I don’t find the scent too sweet. I haven’t felt the desire to buy another eyeshadow palette since. The problem? I want to buy everything else from Too Faced.  It is very likely I will buy the Born This Way foundation…and then get married wearing it. Despite not getting along well with their mascaras, I want to try pretty much every product they put out.
  2. Kopari: I haven’t tried a single product from their line and yet I am so intrigued by each and every item. Tomorrow, when the coconut melt goes on sale at Ulta, I plan on making a purchase. Not only am I interested in this product for it’s six different uses, but I heard great things about their Coconut Lip Glossy. They recently put out a deodorant on Sephora, but it’s currently sold out. I will be monitoring it closely.
  3. Pacifica: I have been burned by many Pacifica products. Their eyeshadow palettes lacked pigment and their facial sunscreen turned by face chalk white and smell foul. Still, when I find a product of theirs that works, it works well. I love their micellar water and makeup removing wipes. Maybe I’m just a sucker for packaging, but Pacifica has not received the last of my money.
  4. Glossier: I rarely buy products where you have to purchase directly from the brand’s website. This is why I haven’t purchased anything from Glossier. When I buy online, I don’t like to just buy one thing. I want free shipping and gifts with purchase. Still, Glossier’s skin tint calls to me. Glossier’s lip products call to me. Glossier just keeps calling. Simple packaging and good reviews?  The kryptonite for my wallet.
  5. The Ordinary: Now that these products have come to Sephora, I am more likely to try some. However, I’m really after the foundations and those have yet to launch at Sephora. Once I finish up my currently facial oil, I may give them a try.
  6. E.L.F. Cosmetics: This crush has turned into full-blown infatuation. Since this brand is available at drugstores, I give in almost everytime. In the past two years, their products have greatly improved. E.L.F. used to be a brand to laugh at, but now their a staple in my colletion. It’s nice to have a crush that likes you back.


What are your brand crushes? Are any of these brands calling out to you? Let us know if the comments below!

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