Let’s Face It : E.L.F.


After a not so brief hiatus, I am returning to write another more beauty product reviews. Being gone for so long has given me ample time to truly try many products and I want to start by reviewing several foundations from E.L.F. cosmetics, which by now you may realize is one of my favorite brands. E.L.F. seems to have a good product for everything….except foundation. Since I’ve tried several, here’s a breakdown from worst to best:

  1. Foundation Palette in Fair/Light: I don’t know why I thought this product would work for me, but it was $6 and I really wanted to like it. None of these shades were right for me. They were all too dark and yellow toned for my skin. This palette comes with four different foundation pans and I came to realize that there was no way one person could use all four shades on their skin. They also weren’t very buildable or bendable. It felt more like a concealer palette, but it can be found under the foundation section of E.L.F.’s website. If you have more yellow tones and can fit into that narrow shade range (they have three color options) and prefer a cream formula, then maybe you might get some use out of this palette.
    Price: $6  Number of Shades: 4
  2. Aqua Beauty Mousse Foundation: This product was hated by all of my favorite Youtubers, so I had to buy it. I got a few decent uses out of it. It does break up after a few hours, so it isn’t particularly long lasting, but I didn’t hate it as much as they did. It was medium coverage and could look nice if you blended it with a sponge. I did have to apply the product with a brush to get good coverage, but then really blend it out with a sponge to get it to look natural. It also came in a lighter shade than their other foundations, which is an issue I deal with in most foundations. It had a more neutral undertone as well. However, this product isn’t anything to write home about…and is no longer available on the E.L.F. website. So, I guess you aren’t missing out on much.
    Price: No longer availble
  3. BB Cream with SPF 20: I bought this product after it was recommended by one of my best friends. She LOVES this product. It provides a little coverage, but allows freckles to show through. It is very natural looking. After a few hours, I do feel like it begins to wear away and show my dry patches, but I often wear this product to run quick errors to go for long walks with with dog. While I do not believe that SPF 20 is really enough for outdoor activity, I don’t mind any additional SPF. I just recommend a moisturizer with SPF underneath. My biggest qualm with the product is that every picture of it has a pump. I’ve purchased this on three separate occasions (including from their website) and never received any pump. While I don’t mind the squeezing tube, I don’t understand the point of advertising the product with a pump if there isn’t one.
    Price: $6  Number of Shades: 4
  4. Beautifully Bare Foundation Serum with SPF 25: Here is a product that I thought applied beautifully and made my skin look great, but was too yellow and dark. When I applied this product, I wore long sleeves and blended it down the entirety of my neck, so it looked very nice. However, its not practical for everyday. If you fit into their very selective shade range, this is well worth the money.
    Price: $8   Number of Shades: 4
  5. Flawless Finish Foundation: Since I purchased this product, they appear to have released more shades, including a lighter one which I will eventually purchase. This is a good foundation, but I do not enjoy is as much as the Wet N Wild Photo Focus foundation, which is the same price and contains more product. The preference between the two will depend on what you are looking for. The E.L.F. product is a thicker and more cream like consistency, where Wet N’ Wilds foundation is a liquid formula. The key to this foundation is not to over apply and to BLEND. You must apply this with a brush and blend it out with a damp beauty sponge. It needs to be set with powder, but too much powder will make the product break apart. A hydrating primer should be applied to dry skin before hand so that it does not show through. This is my preferred method for all E.L.F. foundations. It may not be as bendable as higher end products, but I am willing to spend the extra time for the price. This is my favorite E.L.F. foundation, though it is a little finicky.
    Price: $6  Number of Shades: 11


You may have noticed that I did not review the Acne Fighting Foundation. Since I have rosacea and little acne, I didn’t think I could provide an accurate review. Salicylic acid can sometimes irritate my skin and I couldn’t speak to the acne fighting properties.
Overall, I love E.L.F. cosmetics, but their foundation isn’t my favorite. At least, for now. Hopefully they come out with a new product that I will love. Which foundations work best for you? Are there any tips and tricks you use to make E.L.F. foundations works?

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