Made Me Monday: Masking


          Today, I want to talk to you about a skincare. More specifically, I want to talk to you about stick on masks. It seems to me that every YouTuber is in love with sheet masks. It makes sense. Sheet masks are quick, easy, and great to travel with. What I wonder about is price. Now, you can get a sheet mask for around three dollars at the drugstore. $3.00 doesn’t seem like much money, until you think about how often you use the product.  A one time face mask is three dollars. Some drugstore face masks are around $10 and you can get many uses out of them, so I hesitated to dabble into what seemed an expensive habit. That being said, I tested out three different mask products:

1) Yes To Hydrate and Restore Coconut Sheet Mask: Of the three products, this was the one I thought I would like the most. This was the product I liked the least. I felt that coconut scent smelled artificial – like artificial coconut scent mixed with a melted crayon. It also made my skin sting a bit, which I hoped was because my skin was so dry, but this product didn’t do much moisturizing. When I removed the mask, I patted the excess into my skin, but I still felt the need to use a moisturizer. I resisted, hoping my skin would feel softer when I woke up in the morning. It did not.
One Size: $3.29 USD

2) Yes to Coconut Lip Kit Pucker Up: This was the product I was the most excited to use, because it looked the most ridiculous. Step 1 is a lip scrub. This was probably the best lip scrub I have ever used. I attempted to save the extra product to use it again. It was gritty without being painful and the oils in the left my lips feeling wonderful and soft. Step 2 was a lip mask that was shaped like a giant pair of lips. This mask went way over the lip line, which I liked because the area above my lip gets dry very easily. While my lips didn’t tingle like the package warned, they felt softer and looked a little fuller. Definitely worth using if you in need of a pamper or have an event. All in all, this mask was a good product, even if I hated it’s sheet mask counter part.
One size: $3.19 USD

3) E.L.F. Hyrdogel Under Eye Masks: Many of you probably have caught on that E.L.F. is one of my favorite brands. Since their products are so affordable and often good quality, I will compare higher priced brands to them. Their skincare line is a bit higher price than their makeup, but still relatively affordable in comparison. There under eye masks were amazing. I suffer from dry under eyes and the corners of my eyes often chap. This mask was a wonderful fix and treatment. It does exactly what it claimed to do. It added lasting moisture to your under eye area. This only comes in a package of three, but I have used every single mask. This is defiantly becoming my winter staple.
Package of 3: $8.00USD

Tell me your favorite winter masks. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these in the comments down below. Thanks for reading!

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