Too Faced Mystery Bag


           On Cyber Monday, Too Faced cosmetics had a plethora of deals on their website. Many of their mini palettes were half off (allowing me to buy the peanut butter and honey palette for $18!) and they began selling a $38 mystery bag. I am a big fan of both surprised and Too Faced, so I whipped out my credit card and purchased one. While I do not know if every bag was the same, here is a list of products I got inside:

1) Travel-Sized Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: I have done a previous blog post about this product, but I’m willing to give this product another shot. The first time I retried this product, I love it and begin my first retraction. The next time, I had some clumping and smudging. I’m trying it again today and I plan on continuing to use it to see if there are any tips or tricks that can make this product work better.
Deluxe sample: $12 USD

2) Queen Sized Mascara: This mascara has the biggest wand I have ever seen. It must be at least twice the size of the Better Than Sex Mascara wand. I’ve only used it twice. The first time I loved it, but the second time I had trouble apply it because the wand was so big. If I ever venture into false lashes, I may pull this product back out. I’ll try if a few more times, but my eyes may be too hooded for such a big wand.
Full sized : $21 USD

3) Perfect Eyes Eyeliner is Black: This is an excellent product to include in a back like this. Black eyeliner is one of the most popular makeup items, so I feel this was a great choice made by the company. This pencil is black and includes a black tip on the end to smudge out your eyeliner. While I don’t wear black eyeliner often or in my water line, this product does look nice on top of my eyes. The formula is smooth, creamy, and never drags across the eye lid. It also hasn’t irritated my sensitive eyes. This product is slowly creeping into my favorite – something I never thought I’d say about black eye liner.
Full sized: $18

4) La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick in Double Bubble: This is actually a product that I have been curious about for a long time. Recently, I’ve found liquid lipsticks to be a bit too harsh on my skin and ’tis the season for dry lips. When I applied this product it felt nice, but it was also in a bubble gum Barbie pink, which isn’t a very complimentary color on me. Still, this might be enough to push me over the edge into paying full price for the product. I’ll definitely be putting it to the long-wear test, even if it isn’t my best color.
Full sized: $22 / Current sale: $19.80

5) The Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette: This product first appears similar to the Peanut Butter and Honey Palette, but after closer examination, I found it to be much different. I was thrilled to find this product in my bag. Too Faced may have my favorite eye shadow formula. The other day, I lined my top eyelid with the Perfect Eyes Liner and then used the purple shadow (shade name: Jelly) on my lower lash line and traced my black eyeliner with it. I’m waiting for any and all occasions to wear this look again. It was such a stunning combination that I may have changed my mind about black eyeliner all together. What I enjoy about this palette is that so many of the shadows can be used to create simple everyday looks, but adding shadows like Jelly can really amp up the look to make you party ready.
Full priced: $36 / One day sale: $18

The total retail value of this bag was $109, which is over twice the price of what I paid. Of the five products, I only received one sample size. My biggest gripe would be that the lipstick didn’t really go with any of the colors in the eye shadow palette and it would have been nice if the bag was designed to be a good look. Maybe other people got better color matches, but mine certainly didn’t go together. Let me know if you’d like me to do a product update.

Too Faced is my favorite high end brand and if this item was on permanent sale, I’d buy it again and buy it for everyone for holidays and birthdays. I’m a sucker for surprise makeup boxes. Maybe Too Faced will come out with their own subscription box? Leave your favorite (or least favorite) Too Faced product in the comments down below.


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