Micellar Water: Best and Worst at the Drugstore


          Today, I want to talk to you about a product that is near and dear to my heart: micellar water. As a lazy girl, micellar water is my best friend. While many people feel that micellar water doesn’t clean your skin well enough, I find it works very well for everyday use if you’re willing to take the time to really clean your makeup.. I don’t often use waterproof products, so micellar water works great for me. If you’re using anything that might be waterproof, I would recommend a good makeup remover before. I will often use a makeup wipe to remove products if I am not following up with a good shower.  I always follow up with a toner to make sure my skin is throughly cleaned.

Rinsing my face in a skin has always been a giant mess for me. There is something in my genetic makeup that makes me splash water everywhere. I also find it to be very drying for my already parched skin. The right micellar water is more thourough than a make up, but just as easy. You also don’t waste money by having to throw out dried up make up wipes due to poor packaging. So, here is a list of a easily accessible micellar waters – ranked from least favorite to favorite.

4) Simple Cleansing Micellar Water: Available in any drugstore, this was one of the first easily accessible micellar waters on the market. At the time, I was (cringe) relying on makeup wipes. This is my least favorite, because I found it to be a little bit drying. I found myself desperately seeking a more hydrating alternative.
Price: $7.99 USD/ Size: 6.7 fl oz. 

3) Yes To…Micellar Water (Calming Cucumber/ Hydrating Coconut): These can be found in most drugstores, Ulta, or Target. I have tried two different varieties and found both removed makeup well. I assumed I would prefer the Calming Cucumber due to my rosacea, but I actually found that the Hydrating Coconut was better for my skin. They have five different formulas depending on the needs of your skin, but these were the only two were I felt I could give an accurate review.  These are bad products and definitely work in a pinch.
Price: $8.99 USD/ Size: 7.77 fl oz. (larger sizes available at some locations) 

2) Pacifica Micellar Water Cleansing Tonic (Coconut / Cactus Water) : When I discovered this product, I felt like I had found the holy grail. It comes in three different varieties and I have no tested the third because it is for oily skin, which I do not have. The Cactus Water formula is for combination skin, which I would not have bought it I had done my research beforehand. However, the Cactus Water did not dry out my face at all. It is currently sitting on my bathroom sink. The smell isn’t as nice as the Coconut formula, but I do feel that it works very well with my skin. The Coconut formula is great, especially when my skin is drier than usual. Pacifica is a hard to find brand and the micellar water often runs out at Target, so I usually would buy whatever they have in stock. It is also available at Ulta and on the brand’s website. This is a great product and I will continue using it, but in the past few months, I did find a micellar water I enjoyed more.
Price:  $12.00 USD/Size: 8 fl oz.

1) Simple Water Boost Sensitive Skin Micellar Cleansing Water: While I have combined other brands micellar water, this formula is so drastically different that I felt it deserved it’s own (number 1!) spot. I picked this product up at Walmart when I was out of micellar water and didn’t want to have to stop at a different store. I didn’t expect to love it so much, but I really and truly do.  It removes my makeup well, really cleanses my skin, and hydrates. If I was really too lazy to moisturize, this product would have my covered for the night. While the original formula comes in several sizes, I have only seen this formula in one size. Compared to everything on this list, it is the most cost effective. It has the best formula and the best deal, so if you’re looking for a micellar water, this is the one to get.
Price: $9.99 USD/ Size: 13.5 fl oz.

Hopefully, you’ve found this helpful! Please let me know what cleansers you like or if their are any new products I should try. Comment down below and thanks for reading!

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