Random Wednesday: An Elf Named Greg

Happy Thanksgiving…despite the holiday’s origins.

     Today, I am going to stray from beauty to talk to you about something that is a new tradition for my holiday season: the elf on the shelf. Allow me to preface this by telling you that I do not have kids. In fact, I’m twenty-four and kids are not in my plans. What I do have…is a fiancé that I love to annoy. So I bought an over priced Christmas set that comes with a book and an elf doll. I chose the brown haired and blue-eyed elf that resembled my fiancé. And no, you cannot just buy the doll. There are no knock offs on Amazon. You will have to pay the full thirty dollars. Then again, if you have children, you’ll probably use the same doll for nearly a decade. Anyway, let’s talk about Greg.

My neighbor has an elf named Sparkle, but I named mine Greg. Greg is stuck constantly giving humans the side eye and his hands are sewn together. He is a soft and flexible doll with a range of accessories that you can purchase. Pinterest is also full of DIYs. Why have I spent so much time researching these elf? Because I commit incredibly hard to a joke. Here is a list of my favorite places to hide Greg:

1) Greg is in your bag:  My fiancé has a toiletry bag where he keeps his shaving kit. There is nothing like running late in the morning and finding that someone has hidden an elf in your bag.

2) Greg is on the wine: I never told my fiancé that I purchased Greg, he just showed up attached to his giant jug (Yes, a jug. Not a bottle. Much more wine). After a long day at work, Greg was staring straight at him. What an introduction.

3) Greg is on the fairy lights: I have a series of fairy lights in my bedroom. Sometimes Greg dangles from them. It was my favorite joke because my fiancé didn’t notice until we were halfway through a serious conversation about the wedding.

4) A Greg appears at random: Last night my fiancé went to wash his hands. Greg was on his beer bottle when he cam back.

5) Greg is in the refrigerator: I was worried that he would get ruined in the fridge, but with proper planning, he was only in there briefly.

6) Greg teams up with the cat: Left for a minute? The cat took your seat….and the elf is on the cat.

     Thank you for allowing me to indulge in my ridiculous antics. What is the most creative elf on the shel that you’ve experienced? I’m love to know!

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