Let’s Keep It Clean


Today, I want to talk about something I loathe. I cannot stand putting moisturizer on my body. There is no rhyme of reason to my hatred of it, but the way my skin feels beneath my hands freaks me out. Since I don’t like having dry skin, I rely heavily on my favorite type of product:  in-shower moisturizers. This saves me from having to apply product to dry skin and makes an excellent shaving cream. I have two that I can rely on.

1) Soap and Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel ($10.00USD):  I keep a bottle of this in my shower at all times. It may not be my favorite, but it is always there to get me clean and keep me from dry legs. It’s nice to shave with and never clogs my razor. It was my favorite until…

2) Zoella Beauty Shower Shake($8.95 USD): The gelato scent is not my favorite Zoella scent (mainly because I am in love with the Sweet Inspirations range), but this product is a holy grail product for me. It makes my skin feel incredibly soft and I constantly get compliments on how smooth my skin feels. I use it up fairly quickly, but I love it enough that I cut open the bottle to get the last bit out. When I ran out, I returned to Soap and Glory, which is nice, but nothing feels as luxerious as this shower cream. On Cyber Monday, I will be stalking up on multiple bottles. Zoe Snugg (Zoella) was the first beauty blogger that I discovered and she holds a special place in my heart for drawing me into the beauty community (and for turning her brother into a snowman).

Both of the products are under $15.00 and I use as a body wash, moisturizer, and shave cream. Personally, I think it is an incredibly good deal. Especially, the Soap and Glory product, which last for months. If you’re looking for a new body wash, these products are budget-friendly and worth checking out.



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