Made Me Monday!


  Today starts my first segment of a new series called “Made Me Monday.” This idea was inspired by the hundreds of dollars I have spent on products that were hyped up on the internet. Some of these products were worth it….some were not.  So, on a controversial note, let’s talk about the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

I have a not-so-secret love for Too Faced. Their eye shadows are incredibly bendable and smell delicious. I wish all of my makeup smelled like chocolate. Really, I do. When Too Faced comes out with an eye shadow palette, I begin saving my money and dropping not-so-subtle hints to my fiancee.  However, the Better Than Sex Mascara was not a product I would repurchase. Here’s why:

1) I Hate The Name: This wasn’t the deciding factor, but it is something I feel the need to share. I get the marketing idea. Nars blush in “orgasm” is legendary. Part of me feels like it’s trying to make their own play on a popular sexual name and the other part of me wants to separate sex and makeup. Also, it’s a bold claim that says more about Too Face’s marketing department than the actual product.

2) This Product Was CLUMPY: I prefer more natural mascaras in general. When I am going for a full-glam look, I like my lash to be full and long. This product made them stick together. When I tried to separate them with an eyelash comb, it still didn’t work. My lashes could not be separated and that simply wasn’t the look I was going for. Fine, I thought, I’m not the target audience and that’s okay. It doesn’t make it a bad product.

3) My Eyes Went Crazy: As I am not a makeup expert, I am quick to assume a product is not working due to user error. I try every product multiple times. This product drove my eyes crazy. I have used drugstore mascaras that don’t bother my eyes at all. The Better Than Sex Mascara retails at $23 USD and my eyes would itch after an hour.

For the reason, I will not be repurchasing or recommending repurchasing. Did anyone else have this problem? Or does anyone have an tips or tricks on how to make it work? Does Too Faced have a better mascara? Comment down below!

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