Not A Miracle…But Worth The Buy!

Welcome to my very first installment of Skincare Sunday! My plan is to talk about skincare products most Sunday’s, if not all. There was a time in my life when I spent $80 on my daily moisturizer. It was a wonderful moisturizer and made my skin feel incredibly soft, since I no longer live with my mom and I have actual bills to pay… I can’t justify spending $80.00 once a month. Since then, I’ve tried a lot of moisturizers. I am a person who is constantly searching for miracles. While I search for a holy grail product that might not exist. I am incredibly surprised to find myself reaching for the E.L.F. cosmetics Daily Hydration Moisturizer ($8.00 US).

This is not a miracle cure moisturizer. It won’t cure your acne or cure your rosacea (I wish), but it won’t irritate it either.  This is purely for moisture and would work best for dry skin. When you’re in a bind or it’s been a particularly windy day, this product will do exactly what it says. There are no miracle claims or false promises. Need hydration? This product will hydrate.

That being said, this product is very good for dry or parched skin.  I prefer to ignore the “daily” part of the title and use it at night. I wouldn’t use this during the day unless you have a long time to allow the product to sink in or won’t be wearing any makeup.  It is not ideal for oily skintypes.

There are a few cons. There is also no SPF in the product and I don’t leave my house without SPF 30, as nothing is worse for my rosacea that direct sun contact. This doesn’t bother me since I prefer to use it at nighttime, but it is definitely something to consider. The pump is also not particularly great. the tube does not go very fair into the bottle, so you will be squeezing it out at the end. I sometimes cut products open and repot them into other containers.

For the coming colder months, this product is definitely worth checking out. Let me know if you’ve tried this product or other E.L.F skincare. I have tried a lot of it and I am very impressed. Comment down below with your favorite moisturizer!

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