Cruelty-Free 101

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 Going cruelty-free can be tricky. Sometimes, it might even feel like you can’t win. Telling people that you are going cruelty-free often raises several questions. Are you still eating meat? People often get unnecessarily angry when you tell them that you are going vegetarian or vegan. Then again, if you go cruelty-free in products, aren’t you a hypocrite for still eating meat? When I decided to go cruelty-free, which isn’t easy, I had to make a game plan.

You do not have to get rid of what you already bought. If you already own a product, there is no need to waste it by throwing it out because it has been tested on animals. When the product runs out, do your best to find a cruelty-free solution.

Eating or not eating meat is your choice. No one else opinion matters. I still eat meat, but I shop for cruelty-free products. I rarely purchase meat on my own (I try to buy grass fed when I do), but I will not turn down a meal that someone else cooks for me. Many people think that makes me a hypocrite, but my philosophy is simple. When deciding what to do about a food or a product, I ask myself this:

“Does this affect my health?”

 Medication is tested on animals. I am not going to stop taking the medication prescribed to me by my doctor because it is tested on animals. People with dietary restrictions may need meat to stay healthy. However, no one needs eyeliner. So, I buy cruelty-free make up. If I couldn’t find cruelty-free make up, I would live without it.

Start gradually! I started with beauty products before I moved into other aspects of my life. Eye shadow was much easier than finding razors to shave with, but it can be done with the right resources.

Cruelty-free Kitty and Logical Harmony are your best friends! Both of these websites have detailed lists of cruelty-free products. Logical Harmony updates her list every week. Both have recommendations for the harder to find cruelty-free aspects.

Mistakes happen. Learn from them. There is no need to beat yourself up if you bought a product and didn’t find out until it was too late that it wasn’t cruelty-free. You are still doing your part by not buying that product again!

I hope you found this helpful! Share your cruelty-free tips and tricks down below!


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