Deal or … More Deal?

Let’s talk about deals. When I think of beauty deals, I think of Marshalls. For you it might be Marshalls, Homegoods, T.J. Maxx, or T.K. Maxx. For those of you who don’t know, this company buys excessive product from other businesses so that it may sell them to us at a lower price. This doesn’t mean the products are bad quality. In fact, you can find some beauty steals here. It’s where I go to scavenge for hidden treasures at lower prices. Just yesterday, I found the Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette for $24.99. It would cost $49.00 to purchased this at Sephora. Here’s some products that I find are best to shop for at one of these stores:

1) Candles: I am a sucker for a good candle, especially in seasonable scents. Yankee Candle is cruelty-free and has vegan options. They are also expensive. Instead of paying $20 for a fall scent, I will purchase the candle at Marshall’s for $5.99.

2) Hand Soap: I am not too picky about my hand soaps and Marshall’s has a huge selection. Personally, I like Meyers and Yes To hand soaps, both which I pruchase at Marshall’s.

3) Mugs: Always make sure to check that it is dishwasher/microwave safe (it that matters to you), but the selection is impeccable. I  have seen kitchen and home goods products from Modcloth that I have lusted over on sale for less than half the price. If you check their clearance section, you can find cute mugs for $3.00. I drink everything out of cure mugs.

4) Pet Toys: My dog is a classic toy shredder. She tears apart toys faster than a kid on Christmas, but she loves them so much and I am constantly on the hunt for toys that will last. I’ve tried the expensive Petco “chew proof” toys, but they are in pieces under my couch. At T.J. Maxx/ Homegoods/Marshalls, I have found KONG dog toys. Kong is the only brand of dog toy that lasts with my Bella. My cat doesn’t like traditional scratching posts, but loves the $3.00 scratching box that I purchased at Marshall’s. Seriously, he sits on it every single day. He naps on it. My cat loves this box more than his expensive cat condo (a decoration in my home).

5) The Body Shop: Any product from The Body Shop will turn up at Marshall’s for a discount. Never buy your body butters full price. Skincare and “Spa” items show up there as well. I just bought their Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate for $4.99. It is usually priced at $32.00 and has gotten some excellent reviews from beauty bloggers.

6) That Christmas Gift: You know what gift I’m talking about. The Yankee Swap gift that you planned to go all out for and then forgot about. The Secret Santa name you picked of the one person in the office you don’t get along with. A gift for a distant relative of your significant other that you haven’t met but they are hosting the family party and you really want his family to like you. Marshalls has something. They do holiday gift sets with snacks, blankets, sports, beverages. They have a section for those fun board games that you never buy yourself but wouldn’t mind getting in a Yankee Swap. Marshall is the place to go for your inoffensive holiday shopping.


Hopefully you found this helpful or at least entertaining. What’s the best discount item you’ve found? Share in the comments down below!


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