Cruelty Free Deodorants

Hey all!

                 Today, I wanted to talk about one of the hardest products to find when going crulety-free. ..deodorants I struggled with riding a quality deodorant when I wasn’t cruelty-free. Many deodorants caused irritation, smelled too strongly, or caused me to smell too strongly. I am a person who applies deodorant after every shower, in the morning, and before bed because I read that tip in a magazine five years ago (At this point, I don’t know if it works better, but I’ve committed). In the past few months, I have tried many brands of cruelty-free deodorants and each product I tried for at least two weeks. Here is my rundown:

  1. Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes with Coconut Milk and Essential Oils: This is the type of product that might be nice for a touch up after working out. I could use it to clean up after a long hike, but it doesn’t stand on it’s own as a deodorant. Personally, I don’t find this to be a product with buying. I could use it to wipe down my underarms, but the texture it leaves behind is too clay like for any other part of my body. I also sweat through this product so quickly. Each wipe was covered in so much deodorant that it got all over my hands, but somehow not enough to keep me smelling nicely at work…and I have a desk job.
  2. Tom’s Of Maine Long-lasting Deodorant Unscented: This had a smooth application, but it simply wasn’t strong enough. The packaging was simple and it was an easy product to find it stores, but it simply wasn’t strong enough. Maybe this would work if you weren’t a particularly smelly person, but it isn’t strong enough for me.
  3.  Crystal Body Deodorant Roll On Unscented: I wanted so badly to love this deodorant. I wore it for about a month, hoping that my body just needed to adjust to this formula. I applied it multiple times a day. It simply wasn’t enough. The packaging wasn’t bad, but I defiantly prefer the traditional deodorant top to one that screws on.
  4. Schmidt’s Naturals Deodorant Jar in Bergamot + Lime: I thought this product worked pretty well and it had nice staying powder. My main problem was the packaging. This product comes with a small spatula to scoop product out of the pot. I always ended up with deodorant on the floor. Even when I used the product directly on my armpits, I needed to blend it with my fingers. I had to wash my hands overtime after applying deodorant.
  5. Schmidt’s Naturals Deodorant Stick in Lavender + Sage/ Bergamot + Lime: I liked this application a lot better. I even tried too scents. Don’t get me wrong, this deodorant works. The application is a little tricky. You must hold the stick to your armpit to warm it up. After a bit, you should be able to glide the product on somewhat smoothly. If you don’t wait long enough, it feels like you’re rubbing a rough exfoliator on your armpit. For someone who constantly runs late, it isn’t ideal. Still, this is a good product. It keeps me from smelling. In a pinch, this product works, even if it is a bit grainy.
  6. Lavanila Healthy Deodorant in Vanilla Passionfruit: I avoided this product for a long time because of the price. It’s $14 for this deodorant, BUT I found a two pack at Marshalls for $12, so I figured I would give it a try. I am very glad I did. I apply this product twice a day. Mostly, I love the way the application feels. It’s like a high end moisturizer for your armpits. This is hands down my favorite deodorant. I imagine I’ll be using it for awhile. It may be expensive, but keep and eye out at Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx. It tends to pop up.


Please let me know if you found this helpful or if there is another cruelty-free deodorant that if worth trying. Thanks so much for reading! I’ll be back soon.

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