Why Do I Wear Makeup?

Hello again! Welcome back!

I spend a lot of money on makeup, skin care, and beauty. I try a lot of new products and I enjoy doing it. The thing is though, enjoying makeup is something that makes a lot of people label me. In college, I wore foundation or cc cream everyday and I told everyone that I didn’t so they might think that I was a natural beauty. It was some sort of secret I kept – like it was dishonest to use makeup. I was covering up my rosacea, because it made me feel ugly.
It seems stupid now but, at the time, it mattered to me that people didn’t know. Then, I used make up to cover up my physical features. Now, I use it to cover up my depression. My somewhat elaborate   routine helps me feel like I’m taking care of myself. Every toner I use or moisturizer I apply is a way of showing myself that I care about myself. I care if my skin is good. Maybe it’s shallow or insane to some people, but sometimes you have to try to care about yourself.
Somedays, I don’t wear concealor or eye shadow, but other days I will put on a full face of makeup to go to work or just eat dinner with my future husband. He doesn’t care if I’m wearing eyeliner or not, but sometimes I do. A near perfect cut crease with long eyelashes paired with a blinding highlighter makes me look at my face without questioning what my purpose is in life. Call me a coward, but sometimes I would rather be thrilled by the bargain I got from a $6 Makeup Revolution Highlighter (review opening). I’m not using makeup to conceal my imperfections from the world. I use it to conceal my imperfections from me.  At the end of the day, isn’t that who I’m supposed to be doing it for?
Please forgive my lapse in review schedule. I do care about this blog, even when it feels like I don’t.

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