Let’s Talk About Lips

Hello all!

I’m glad you’re here. Let’s talk about something we all know and love – lipstick. Recently, I’ve been really into the darker colors, specifically the 90’s Grunge aesthetic. (When I was a child in the 90’s, I was too young to follow the fashion trends. As an adult, I’ve finally got my chance.) Which means, I’ve been wearing a lot of lipsticks.

As I have most likely mentioned, I am a big fan of NYX Cosmetics. They are affordable and cruelty-free. You can easily find them in drugstores or Ulta. Most importantly, they are some of the best lipsticks that I have ever tried. After trying a product as good as the Lip Lingerie line from NYX, I can’t justify buying a high end lip color. I’ve been wearing the colors for nearly two weeks straight and I can’t get enough. I now have four different colors. This product isn’t drying like other popular liquid lipsticks (Sorry Colourpop!) that I’ve tried.  It is fairly long-lasting and pretty easy to apply. There are so many nude colors in the line, that you can definitely find one that works for you. For under ten dollars, this product is a steal.

Currently, I am testing out some of the other products in their range. Let’s be honest, we all know the soft matte lip creams are great, but NYX has so many different formula’s that I can not resist the temptation to try them all. Even if liquid lipsticks aren’t your thing, they will have a formula for you.

What’s your favorite NYX lip product? What should I try next?

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