Drugstore Beauty Sponges

After a lot of talk and hype, I am finally committing to this blog. I will post twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If I feel a need, I may change my schedule to post more. Today, I want to talk about drugstore make up sponges.

When I originally planned this article, I had several sponges more sponges to try. However, a few favors came into play. If I could not find the sponge in stores and had to order it online, I chose not to include it (The NYX Cosmetics beauty sponge). I also chose not to use the Beauty Blender, as I wanted a drugstore focus. With sponges, I am constantly cleaning and replacing them, so paying twenty dollars with a sponge just isn’t practical. As indicated in the picture above, I have three sponges. Let’s get into it. Going from least favorite to my favorite:

Least Favorite: The E.L.F. Cosmetics Blending Sponge: This sponge was nearly unusable. When dampened, it did not become particualrly soft. The my foundation soaked into the sponge and applied in circular blotches around my face. It became so bad, that I had to use another sponge. Even dry, it did not apply powder well to the face. For five dollars, you could purchase another sponge and get much better results. This sponge was so hard that is was a literal slap in the face.

Almost Perfect: Ecotools Perfecting Blending Duo: This set comes with two green sponges. The first is a darker green, larger, and with a round edge AND pointed tip. The second sponge is a lighter cream, firmer, and a similar shape. The bigger sponge is easily my favorite, as it is squishy and pointed enough to blend concelear underneath my eyes. However, the little green one is also good for blending, just a bit small for using for my whole face. My lazy side can’t justify having to wash two sponges when I could just wash one. Each of these sponges blends beautifully. They were so good, that I bought a another set. I have four of these Ecotools sponges.

The issue arose when I washed them all. I use a gentle Dr. Bonner’s multi-purpose soap. All four of my sponges ripped. It didn’t matter how gentle I was with each one. One of them ripped before I even applied soap. These sponges still work okay have the rips, but the application is not as flawless. Which leads me to my favorite….

The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: I had used this sponge a few years ago and hadn’t been impressed, so when I bought a new one, I expected the same results. Let’s say that I was pleasantly surprised. This sponge also blended like a dream. It is great for blending out powder products when I go a little overboard or smoothing out harsh product lines. This sponge can be used easily for baking as well. As opposed to the EcoTools sponge, this one held up very well when washed and I have washed it more than once.

Sometime in the future, I do intend to try the Beauty Blender, but that will be a post of it’s own. There may even be a post on the many  other sponges of E.L.F. This brand is dropping new ones very soon! Feel free to comment with your own favorite sponges, or which products I should try next. Thanks for reading!

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