Let’s talk about my latest obsession…eye shadow palettes. If you’re like me, you’re a sucker for new eyeshadow. Bonus points if it smells like chocolate. I have fallen for the warm tones craze and matte eyeshadows draw me in. There is one problem with these eye shadow palettes…they’re at least fifty dollars.

Okay, I’ll admit that eye shadows are a pretty decent investment. If it’s a good palette, you can make dozens of great looks and it can last for years. Still, sometimes I cringe when I see a palette that is over one hundred dollars. Especially since I am still learning some of the tricks of the trade. So, I have two palettes that are both under twenty-five dollars and are some of the best quality products that I own.

First, let’s talk about the E.L.F Cosmetics Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette. There are now three “Mad for Matte” palette, but I am talking about the original. This holds an array of matte shadows, including all of the basic colors. You can create many beautiful looks (including some suggestions on the back of the box), but you also have a great assortment of crease colors.  It goes very well with a the next palette that I am going to mention…..

Let’s talk about the pigment of the Morphe 350S Palette (pictured above). These are some of the most beautiful eyeshadow that I have ever touched. As a person who loves matte eyeshadows, I wasn’t sure that I would be entirely satisfied with this palette. However, these eyeshadows are shimmery, without being a glittery mess. I am not a fan of glittery anything and this palette has beat out ever palette that I have tried. The shade in the upper top hand corner is often my highlight shade. Both palettes can stand on their own, but together? These palettes are unbeatable. A nice matte eyeshadow crease with the most beautiful shimmer eye shadows that I have ever seen?

Together, these palettes are thirty-three dollars. The E.L.F. is ten dollars (US) with ten different eyeshadows, which is only one dollars per an eyeshadow. The Morphe 350s is twenty-three dollars with 35 beautiful shadows, making each shadow around sixty-six cents. If you’re a beginner looking to round out your eyeshadow collection without dropping fifty dollar, these palettes (or even just one of them) are for you!

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