New Start

Hey all,

Let’s talk about what kind of blogger I want to be. It’s easy to say I want to be an expert on all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle; but I’m more of a beauty enthusiast with fickle taste in fashion and a bizarre lifestyle. Originally, I thought I would use be a beauty blogger, because cosmetics and skincare are something I spend a lot of time researching and an absurd amount of money on.

Mostly, you’re going to find that I focus on affordable beauty. I stress affordable for a very important reason. I will mostly be talking about drugstore brands. Yes, I believe that some products are worth investing in. Beauty tools that can be used for years (with proper cleaning!) are worth my money because they pay for themselves in the long run. An eye shadow palette that lasts three years is something I might be willing to spend $50.00 on. I will pay a little bit more of skincare. The problem I have is most likely the problem you have. Paying for a high priced product once seems okay, but it’s products that you have to buy frequently. Sometimes we can’t afford to spend $30.00 a month on conditioner. If I can find a decent moisturizer at the drugstore (and I promise you that I have!), then I will not be fishing out $30.00 per a product. No, I can’t bring myself to spend $25.00 for a liquid eyeliner that will dry out in three weeks. At least, no until I get a handle on how to use liquid eyeliner.

Once a week, I will also be testing out”easy” and “simple” recipes, hacks, and ideas. Everywhere on the interest there are DIYs to try that are supposed to make life easier…but are often times complicated and nearly impossible for a beginner.

At the beginning of each month, I will be doing a monthly “book club” where I’ll talk about a few books I read, tried to read, and will be reading in the upcoming month.

At the end of the month, I’ll talk about what worked the best for me and occasionally what worked the worst.

Stick around. Things should get interesting.

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